We love improv, and we want to share it with you.

The Great Northeast Improv Festival has a full schedule of performances and workshops for a diversity of interests and ages. For the price of a single ticket to a theater (General Admission $25), you can enjoy over ten different performance groups and free access (or at least discounted access) to workshops. Come and go as you please or stay for the day and into the night. Scroll down to view the performance schedule and then click the festival pass to secure your pass today!


Note: Tickets to individual performance blocks will be offered cash-only on the day of the festival –$10, subject to seating availability.

Also of note: The mid-day family performance block is only $5 cash at the door for non-festival pass holders. Because… kids.


1pm to 2pm

Performances: Whiz Bang! and The Mini-Musical Puppet Show – Family Improv Show!

A delightful family improv show from actors and comedians from Newmarket and beyond! There will be interactive theater games and an improvised musical puppet show. Free with a festival pass. Non-festival pass holders: General Admission $5 (cash at the door). All ages.

6:30pm – 7:45pm

Performances: Improv Anonymous, Elderberry Jam, Waldo



Improv Anonymous has entertained at the University of New Hampshire for 25 years now. It is the one and only improv comedy troupe on campus. Our shows are fully improvised and take place every Thursday night of each semester at 9pm in the MUB Entertainment Center. We also perform dorm shows across campus, host or participate in student events, and open for headlining comedians and comedy groups.



Elderberry Jam Improv is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Billed as “The World’s Finest Vintage Improv,” we are a troupe of experienced improvisers over the age of 50.  Working diligently to prevent dementia, we playfully specialize in layering multiple short form games within an overarching longer form structure for maximum improv fun! Our current show is called Chopped Improv, which is based on the Food Network series Chopped, but our basket of ingredients contains comedic challenges that are competitively structured into engagingly hilarious scenes.



Waldo is a Harold team from New Hampshire. Harold is a structure used in longform improvisational theatre developed by Del Close and Charna Halpern and regularly seen at top improv theaters in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. “The Harold is like the space shuttle, incorporating all of the developments and discoveries that have gone before it into one new, superior design.” (from Truth in Comedy by Charna Halpern, Del Close, and Kim “Howard” Johnson)

8pm – 9:15pm

Performances: Dorks in Dungeons, The Paper Dolls, The Unmentionables



Dorks in Dungeons is an acclaimed comedy show about delivering the mail in a fantastical world. Using the framework of a tabletop role-playing game, the Dorks create each show with the help of audience suggestions and the whim of a 20 sided die. Live Improv Comedy meets Fantasy Role-playing Games.



The Paper Dolls are veteran improvisors from San Francisco. They are reuniting to bring their slightly-creepy improv tales to the East Coast. California’s loss is New England’s gain!




The Unmentionables are Vermont’s premier long form improv team. This group of quick-witted, seasoned improvisers has been performing for over 5 years throughout New England at bars, theaters, town halls, hotel conference rooms, crepe restaurants, bowling alleys, and even an abandoned Jazzercise studio. In November 2015 they became the MainStage long form improv troupe of Vermont Comedy Club, performing their show “The Daily Grind” every Thursday night. The team has been featured at The Green Mountain Comedy Festival, The Hartford Improv Festival, The Montreal Improv Festival, The Providence Improv Festival, and The Del Close Marathon in NYC. They do not know Bernie Sanders personally.

9:30pm – 10:45pm

Performances: Stranger Than Fiction, Teachers Lounge Mafia, Sea Tea Touring Company



Stranger Than Fiction is the Granite State’s premiere improvisational comedy troupe. Every year we strive to provide audiences with shows that rival improv clubs around the world. Our cast is a diverse collection of talented actors and comedians, united by the shared passion to make the world a funnier place. For the festival, Stranger Than Fiction Presents: Wes Wing, an improvised mashup of Wes Anderson and Aaron Sorkin.



Teachers Lounge Mafia delivers improvisational games and sketches designed to yank people right out of mud season and on to higher ground. Bringing Something Different to the Foothills of Western Maine…




Sea Tea Touring Company hails from Hartford, CT. We travel throughout Connecticut and beyond bringing improv comedy to everyone we meet. Our festival performances are either a spokane, a group scene in real time, where our characters can rewind or fast forward to other times and places as needed to explore a richer world, always returning to the initial scene, or a montage based off of a quick and thorough audience interview.

11pm – Midnight

Performances: Tesla & Edison, Klemmer & Scafati, Improv Jam

  • This performance block is free and open to the public without festival pass or individual block tickets, limited seating



Tesla & Edison each produced innovations that changed the course of history. Both were also eccentrics and desperate rivals. Thomas Edison once called Tesla’s ideas “splendid but utterly impractical.” Nikola Tesla once said of Edison, “A little theory and calculation would have saved him ninety percent of his labor.” Was either man more brilliant than the other? Find out in this inventive spoken word / improv comedy show. Featuring David Chevalier and John Herman as the titular duo.


Klemmer & Scafati is a UCB and ImprovBoston trained duo performing a Close Quarters: a series of scenes set in the same location with various different characters. Here they are in close quarters at a recent film festival. It looks like they are touching, but they are aren’t. See? They are experts.



Improv Jam is just what it sounds like. Close out the festival with a super group made up of top actors from the various festival-featured troupes performing together on stage for the first (and only?) time. Don’t miss it. Hosted by Chris Klemmer.